Inspiration for The Gatekeeper

Vanderbilt says the idea for The Gatekeeper came to him as he endeavored to write a gripping and unusual story about a young lady crying out from deep within and fighting for her very life. The Gatekeeper is the portrayal of this young lady, Desiree, whose attempt to escape her tragic childhood unfortunately has disastrous results as she seeks refuge from individuals who turn out to be members of a satanic group. Before long Desiree finds herself indwelled and in bondage to a very powerful demon who gives her the ability to shapeshift at will and easily seduce very wealthy men by her physical beauty.

However, tormented by constant nightmares and voices, Desiree discovers she is as much a victim to the powers of darkness as the men she victimizes. There seems to be no hope and escape for Desiree until she meets a nice looking young man, Joshua, the director of the local youth center and an assistant minister at his fatherís church. Nevertheless, the powers of darkness within Desiree move her to seek to destroy Joshua through a series of deceptions and attempted seductions, but Joshua stubbornly refuses to give up on Desiree, and thus begins the age old struggle between good and evil and light and darkness, because Joshua is convinced Desiree can be freed from the dark entity which controls her life.